To: Dennis J. Kucinich-Member of Congress

Lakewood Office

14400 Detroit Avenue 

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Parma Office

Parmatown Mall 

7904 Day Drive

Parma, Ohio 44129

Washington Office

2445 Rayburn HOB 

Washington, DC 20515

Reference: Space Preservation Act BILL

Dear Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich,

We are contacting you in reference to the H.R. 2977 Space Preservation ACT of 
2001 that you introduced on October 2, 2001, that never became law. Whatever 
happened to this important debate?  WE THE PEOPLE  are greatly concerned as 
if this Act is indeed still devoted to the “peaceful purposes for the benefit 
of all mankind”, because we feel that there are actually systems put into place 
that are “damaging or destroying” to mankind, our natural ecosystems, climate, 
weather, and the earth’s tectonic systems. 

 Our organization known as “The Truth Denied”, have discovered that there are 
powder contrail generators dispersed from aeronautical vehicles that create 
persistent thin lines causing a reaction with the atmosphere. These “trails” contain 
Nano based metal and polymer fibers, which do NOT dissipate as regular 
contrails do. These “lines in the sky”, otherwise known as “chemtrails”, react 
with the sunlight, wind, temperature, frequency, and the other elements in 
the atmosphere, as previously stated/

We believe we have identified viable proof of unlawful activity and have included this 
information in our chemtrail videos on our You Tube channel (listed below) 
as well as on our website at

Congressman Kucinich, we sincerely want to know if you have been made aware of 
these following programs:

1.      The Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) Program, 
	Astrophysics Data System-The 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly 
	(Held 13-20 July 2008, in Montréal, Canada., p.261.)	
	Retrieved 2009-09-16;

2.      NASA's Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) September 15, 2009.	 
	Retrieved 2009-09-16;

3.	Moskowitz, Clara (updated 2:37 p.m. ET Sept. 16, 2009).
	"NASA rocket aims to create artificial clouds" - MSNBC. 
	Retrieved 2009-09-16.

4.      Bernhart, Paul (updated May 19 2009). "Update on CARE".

5.      "Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket" NASA.
	Retrieved 2009-09-16.

Please, dear Congressman, comment and respond to us as soon as you are able. 
We would also like to offer our assitance and to know if there is anything further 
we can do to aid you in furthering this inquiry or to answer any questions you may have. 
We feel that the interests of the People are at stake and this paradigm of toxic 
environment may be a thoughtful topic to bring to any future election, national 
conversation or international dialogue.

Respectfully yours,

Roxy Lopez & Canyon Cassidy 

The Truth Denied Organization

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