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The personal story of Roxy Lopez


I was in a car accident years ago, my right leg amputated, hanging by skin in the back of my knee, crushed knee and all the way down to the middle of my leg, CRUSHED INTO PIECES.

I wanted the doctors to put the leg back together again, yet they kept fitting me for a prosthetic. I was sewn back together, and by use of a HOFFMAN DEVICE on my leg (a portable traction unit of 6 large half inch pins drilled through both sides of my leg with a metal cage around it.) VERY VERY PAINFUL.

I did not give up, and I challenged my 3 orthopedic surgeons. I had no family to be there for me. I had no one advocating for me. I was alone with 8 surgeries in the first year, and was hospitalized. AGAIN, I did NOT give up!

17 months into the ordeal, science/medical wanted to try something with me. My bones had not healed ONE single bit yet, hence keep going back to amputating from the thigh.

I was 19 years old.

I want my LEG!

I won't GIVE UP.

Doctors in a 20 year study discovered something UNREAL in the human body. When a person/human has a massive injury, the cells DIE in that accident. Hence no messages to the brain to HEAL the area of injury. BUT, by the use of ELECTRONIC PULSES 24/7, they found that generally with in 3 months (90 days) these DEAD cells were only DORMANT (sleeping) and through pulsating the injured spot with these electrodes, they WAKE UP.

Do you see where I am going here?

Hello? You follow?


Later I will provide you with a picture of my leg to SHOW you that I still have it, all the scars and the TRUTH that sending messages to our planet works.

We need to keep sending out an electro-magnetic vibration to humanity, in a place where we are deeming HOLDING THE SPACE.

By the took 90 days for my bones to even BEGIN to respond to the elctic pulses, and 3 more years for my bones to be FULLY healed ....another story for another day!!!!!

Please help me to spread this wonderful news, and certainly share your thoughts!!!!!

LOVE! Roxy Lopez


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